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Plant capacity 60 tons - Portugal

Plant capacity 60 tons
Installed in a hydroelectric power plant in Portugal


Argani I.C.A.

Test of canting system


Argani I.C.A.


Winch model RAV-EM / Winches and Cranes

Winch model RAV-EM

Capacity from 1 ton to 10 tons - Standard and Eex version


UNIQUE !!!! Patent
Ever in need of repair


Winch model RAV-EM / Winches and Cranes

Winch model RAV-EM

rope roll-up to m. 200


The experience in the field of ICA lifting goods


I.C.A. was founded in 2000, since 1964 as the ALPHA CRANE, boasts in its organic shapes with many years of experience in the field, has specialized technicians, technical, media and advanced equipment, to be able to solve, in the best way any problem lifting.

Equipment and lifting accessories

I.C.A. builds lifting equipment such as hoists, winches, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib crane and crane bicycle. It also has manual chain hoists and electric hoists, chain and wire rope winches, manual and electric.

Service and maintenance

Of course for the lifting proper periodic maintenance is required. I.C.A. offers a service and maintenance post-sales able to guarantee the full efficiency of your systems over time and not only. If using additional equipment supplied by different manufacturers, we are perfectly able to give you an excellent service, repairs, modifications, spare parts, accessories and anything else you might need, quickly and competently.


Not hesitate to ask for more information or estimates, both for new installations, for which the assistance of lifting equipment of any existing brand.



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